Start My IT Business and Rightsize Technology is your IT solution to a successful, hassle-free business operation.

Founded in January 2018 by Directors, Gary Linton, and Jarrod Case, (who offer over 50 years combined experience), Rightsize Technology has been established from consistent frustration amongst their associates and their demand for an easier IT business solution.

Developed concurrently, Start My IT Business allows industry professionals to start their own IT business and keep focused on their clients’ needs; and not be caught up in the day-to-day administration of an organisation.

From accounting and legal advice to marketing and more, Start My IT Business provides a set of systems & tools under a franchise model, enabling you to succeed in either establishing a new Managed Services (MSP) business, or transforming into a MSP from a traditional IT business operation.

Rigthsize Technology provides the brand and structure in which to do this, as Australia’s leading pathway to managed IT service providers.

Many small businesses struggle to budget their IT operations and often spend inefficiently with a less than stellar return on their investment. Rightsize Technology understand and deliver a business model that empowers you to offer your clients a minimum 30% reduction on IT overheads as a dedicated outside IT department.

“We’re holding your hand and invested in your location.”

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